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      • Wind Farm Braderup (4x Siemens SWT3,6 + 4x Siemens 2,3)
      • Wind Farm Bökingharde (2x Vestas V90 + 3x Vestas V112)
      • Wind Farm Ellhöft (4x AN-Bonus 1300)
      • Wind Farm Emmelsbüll (2x Enercon E70)
      • Wind Farm Herrenkoog (8x Enercon E82)
      • Wind Farm Neuenkrug (1x Repower 43/600)
      • Wind Farm Passow III (1x Fuhrländer FL77)
      • Wind Farm Schülp II (1x NEG Micon 750)
      • Wind Farm Schülp III (5x Enercon E70)
      • Wind Farm Lütjenholm (4x Senvion 3.4)
      • Wind Farm Braderup Tinningstedt (6x Vestas V112)
      • Wind Farm Parstein (3x Enercon E82)
      • Wind Farm Welstorf (1x Senvion MM82)
      • Wind Farm Oesterwurth Erw. (1x Enercon E101)
      • Wind Farm Süderlügum (12x Siemens SWT3.0)
      • Wind Farm Sudweyhe (3x AN-Bonus 1300)
      • Wind Farm Kohldamm 11x Vestas V112
      • Wind Farm Osterdeich 3x Vestas V112 
      • Wind Farm Brebek (12x Siemens SWT3.0)
      • Wind Farm Kathal (1x Vestas V150)
      • Wind Farm Teltow C (3x Nordex N149)

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