Climate Protection with Paulownia

Paulownia – Fast Growth, Great Returns!

Welcome! For the first time, PLAN 8 Group offers private investors one of the fastest growing tree species used for timber in the world as investment. Please feel invited to inform yourself here about the ‘Paulownia Project’ and to invest into this Project.

PIONEERS – PLAN 8 as Forerunner for Lasting Investments

Being specialists for renewable energy, it is our ultimate aim to achieve lasting financial growth with environmentally-friendly products. After many successful years in the areas of wind power and photovoltaic, we have now opened up a new business field, which we are now offering as a new form of Investment:

» The unique PAULOWNIA Tree, one of the fastest growing tree species on the planet.

PAULOWNIA – the Tree with a ‘Turbo Growth Rate’

ue to its leaves growing up to one meter in length, the Paulownia tree is one of the fastest growing tree species in the world. But that’s not all. It also offers extremely robust, A-class quality timber, which is ideal for industrial use – and which, at top quality, achieves high market prices.

» Whether used for furniture, musical instruments, flooring, motor industry, skis or surf boards - PAULOWNIA is very versatile!

POTENTIAL – the High-Quality Tree as a Lucrative Investment Opportunity

Zur Großansicht bitte Foto anklicken!After intensive research, one thing was certain: We would professionally plant Paulownia on European plantations and offer our clients literally ‘fast-growing’ investment opportunities. Together with business partners, we purchased 63 hectares of land in Bulgaria in 2015 and 2016, where we planted 60,000 trees. In order to look after our projects, we expanded our team with Paulownia experts Bastian Schröder and Olaf Henke


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PUBLICITY – TV and other media are also reporting on Paulownia

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With the titel: ‘The Super Tree – Johannes researches the tree of the future’. Please click here to see the documentary



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